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Are you wondering how many people come to your website on a daily basis?

The number of site visitors that click on your website equals the number of opportunities you have to increase your form conversions, build a bigger email list, or sell more products and services.

Website traffic is important for establishing yourself as a reputable brand. In fact, if you don’t have site visitors coming to your website, no one will ever subscribe to your email list, engage with your content, or buy your products and services.

Business Identity

Knowing the traffic that comes to your website will help you to identify your bussiness and give you a direction where to grow your business.

Website Value

Website traffic will help you to know if your website is really important to you and if people engage with it


Site visitors will give you a clear picture whether your marketing is working or you need invest more in marketig your products or brand


Site visitors will give you a clear picture of where you need to expand your business products or brand.


Know who is on your website in real time


Know how many people visits your website per day,week,month and year


Know which country,city or region attracts more visitors to your site


Print reports and make a evidence based decisions


Know the time most users visit your website


Get daily notifications via email about the number of visitors to your site

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